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What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance allows you to take care of your fur babies without the worry of financial burden on you.


 Figo Insurance Offers:

  • Coverage for unexpected illnesses and injuries of your dog or cat.

  • The option to seek care for your pet at any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico.

  • Options to choose from 3 different plans to suit your budget

  • Figo may reimburse up to 100% of your actual vet bill with options for unlimited annual benefits.

How does pet insurance work?

Figo works on a reimbursement model so that you can:

  • Customize and purchase the plan that suits your pet.

  • Seek the best veterinary treatment for your pet when an accident or illness occurs.

  • Download the Figo Pet Cloud app and submit the paid veterinary bills

  • Follow your claim status on the app and get reimbursed via direct deposit


Employers -  Why not offer an extra benefit to your employees -


Free your employees from financial worry by offering the best pet insurance plan available.



Dog at Vet

Click "yes" under question "are you partnering with an agent?".

Then type in Jacka-Liquori Agency, Inc

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