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Jacka-Liquori has been insuring businesses and professionals for more than 75 years.  In that time, we have learned that it is most important, perhaps even critical, to work very closely with our commercial and professional clients.  As with our personal insurance and paddlesport insurance, we believe in providing a high level of personal service -  when you call our office you will speak to a live person.   Any insurance agency or brokerage can take your current coverge and just quote against it, but do you know if it is the most appropriate coverage for you?  Do you know if the limits are right?  How about deductibles?  We ask and probe to find out.


We strive to get you not only the most competitive price for your insurance, we are very concerned with making sure you have the coverage that is most appropriate for your needs.  What good is a low price if you find you are not covered for a loss?  Exposures are constantly changing and your response to them should be kept up to date.  New exposures are constantly emerging.  Ten years ago very few businesses had even heard of Employment Related Liability.  Now, for any employer with more than 10 employees, it is almost a necessity.


Now, for any business that is connected to the internet, Cyber Liability is critical.  New laws in every state place onerous responsibilities on businesses for a very broad range of security breaches, most of which business owners are not aware of.  Should one of these breaches occur, costs could easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We can insure practically any type of business or profession.  We either have in the past, or currently insure risks including real estate, habitational, retail, wholesale, contractors, manufacturers, nursing homes and assisted care, professionals, IT, medical and health care, civic associations, professional associations, garages, and agriculture risks.

Among the types of coverage we write are:


Business Owners Policies (BOPs)

Commercial Packages

General Liability

Commercial Property

Professional Liability

Workers Compensation

New York Disability


Employment Related Liability

Cyber Liability

Directors & Officers Liability


Commercial Automobile

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Pollution Liability

Ocean and Inland Marine

Sports Event and Club General Liability

Outfitters & Guides

Unemployment Insurance for Non-Profits


If you do not see your category listed please ask our service representatives.

Call now for a quote.  Our representatives are ready to help you....


For an application for any of the coverages mentioned email us by clicking the link.... our representatives will reply within 2 hours.

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